Thanksgiving is upon us! Use these tips to make sure you enjoy and not fall victim to the post-thanksgiving meal regrets and tummy troubles.


Thanksgiving is upon us! This means quality time with family and loved ones, a break from work (yay!) and lots of delicious food! which is my favorite part by the way.  But as we know sometimes the good comes with the bad and for many people the bad comes in the form of digestive issues after overindulging in all the thanksgiving goodness. I’ve been there and its not fun.

So, is there a way to enjoy all the wonderful eats without feeling the pain of regret and stomach aches? The answer is YES and I am here to share some of these tips with you.


1. Start your morning with at least 1 full glass of water:

 Drinking water in the morning wakes up the digestive system, jump starts metabolism and hydrates the body.  Our bodies are composed of  about  75% water so drinking enough water in the morning and throughout the day is one of the most important things we can do for our body to enable core bodily functions like digestion.

2. Drink one glass of lemon water 30 mins before your thanksgiving meal:

 Water gets our digestive system going and adding lemon further enhances this process-  The citric acid in lemon can kick up the digestive process which is key to avoiding some of  discomfort that comes from  poor digestion like bloating, stomach aches, heartburn and indigestion.

3. Load up on the veggies:

Vegetables are not only loaded with important nutrients our body needs to function optimally but are also full of fiber which fill us and keeps us full for a long time without the caloric overload.  So load up on your favorite thanksgiving veggie dishes and enjoy as much as you want!

4. Dink ginger tea 30 minutes after your meal:

Ginger is not only warming and comforting but will further aid in the process of digestion post meal.  Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to calm the digestive tract and will help to alleviate bloating and keep and stomach discomfort at bay.  To make your own simply boil some ginger root in water for 10-15 minutes and enjoy. (optional:  add lemon and/or a small amount of natural sweetener like raw honey.)

5. Eat mindfully:

This means slowing down and listening to the body and eating only until you feel full.   A good practice is to place your fork down in between bites to help you slow down and  give your body a chance to recognize when it is satiated and keep  from overeating.

6- Remember to connect:

Thanksgiving is a time to connect with loved ones, so let’s not forget that.  That means putting away our beloved electronics, gathering around the table with no view of the TV, and being present with the ones we are sharing our meal and time with. In doing this we will not only encourage a higher sense of connection but  will also  find yourself eating less as you are engaging with the people around you.

So…To recap

Hydrating the body first thing in the morning and throughout the day, boosting digestion with lemon water before your meal, loading up on the veggies, and enjoying a nice cup of ginger tea post-meal are great ways to make sure we enjoy our thanksgiving meal with no post meal discomfort and regret.  Also remembering to be present in the moment and enjoying the company of our loved ones are all keys to making our Thanksgiving one that is not only memorable but also keeps us in check with managing our food consumption.

I thank you for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!! Leave a comment below about which of these tips you plan to apply on this turkey day!

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