Springtime leaving you feeling fatigued or sluggish? Re-energize your mind and body with these 5 tips.


Spring is finally in full swing and that means warm weather, sunshine and more time being spent outdoors-and who doesn’t love that.
As the season changes, however, those changes also affect our body. This means we must be aware of the effects of the seasonal change and live in alignment if we want to maintain high energy, vibrancy, and overall health and well-being during this transition.
Here are 5 things you can do to make this seasonal transition a smooth one and keep your mood and energy levels high and in check.


1. Adjust your diet:
As the seasons change, so should we, and the way we eat must be supportive of our body’s changing needs during this time. As the weather begins to warm up a bit, it’s important to begin to reintroduce cooling and hydrating foods on a regular basis. As the fall and winter colder months call for warming, grounding, comforting foods, the warmer spring and summer months call for more cooling, hydrating, and nourishing foods- this means bring on the juicy fruits, colorful salads, and refreshing smoothies!


2. Consider a gentle cleanse or detox:
Officially, detoxing is removing and eliminating toxins from the body. Unofficially, it is considered a “spring clean” or renewal of our inner selves. As we would do a spring clean for our home and environment, it makes even more sense to do an internal spring clean. Doing a gentle cleanse where for a short period of time you focus on giving y
our body what it needs to further support and amplify its natural detoxification processes will have you feeling more energized, thinking clearer, feeling lighter, and even lift your mood- not to mention aid in weight loss if that is a goal. After all, losing a couple inches around that waistline isn’t a bad thing 😉


3. Get moving:
Following the colder winter months where many of us tend to be confined indoors and doing a lot of Netflix and chill, getting out and moving again is a sure fire way to re-energize our bodies and boost our mood. Doing some physical activity won’t only improve your mood because of the release of endorphins (our happy hormone) but also helps to stimulate drainage of the lymphatic system which is our body’s waste removal system. When our lymph nodes get congested the recycling of toxins back into our bloodstream can cause fatigue and headaches which can keep us from showing up as our energetic, vibrant, ready to tackle the day selves. Whether its yoga (my personal fave), going for a run, playing a sport, hitting the gym or even a short at home calisthenics circuit, which I am all the way here for, find what resonates with you and get moving! And its doesn’t have to be that long- even just 10 minutes a day will do the trick.


4. Incorporate regular cleansing and detoxing habits :
Things like drinking plenty of water throughout the day, incorporating raw foods into our diet regularly, drinking warm lemon water in the morning, getting regular movement and dry skin brushing are all examples of things we can add to our daily routines. All of these are simple and easy habits that when done regularly will make sure our body’s detoxification and elimination channels are functioning optimally so we can feel and look our very best.


5. Do some spring cleaning:
Have you ever noticed how a cluttered space can have you feeling scattered, stressed, and a little uneasy? That’s because our environment affects us on a conscious level, and a cluttered or messy space can affect our ability to think clearly, focus and can cause us some level of stress. As we clear our space, we free our mind, and consciously let go of lingering things that are taking up unnecessary physical and mental space. Why not give it a try- even if it’s just that one drawer in your bedroom or kitchen you’ve been stuffing any and everything into. Start there and notice how much better you feel afterwards.


Spring is a time of renewal- where trees regrow their leaves, flowers begin to blossom again and birds reappear into the sky. Let’s also participate in this renewal by taking care of ourselves internally so we can experience ourselves anew with high energy , vibrancy, and overall well-being.
Need some assistance with adjusting your diet or a guide to a personalized gentle detox plan? Connect with me by email at contact@maureenwellness.com.

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