I decided to go without bread and white rice for one full week and here’s what happened.

If you read my last blog post “Ditching Refined Grain” then you know that I decided to eliminate these foods for one full week as a way to lose some belly fat and tend to my gut health.

And the results are in…

First thing was that I noticed very little bloating and far less stomach pains (in fact there was only one occasion where I later found was because of a bad food combo)
I also had zero constipation- yup quick, easy and painless trips to bathroom every time. I know, not the sexiest thing to talk about but I’m being real.
Thirdly I made more whole food choices and I ate more vegetables which is always a good thing.
And last but certainly not least my waist went down a little over 1/2 inch.

Why I decided to do this:

I set out knowing that one week might not be enough to achieve these goals but I knew in doing that I would be forced to consciously choose healthier carbohydrate options. The goal was to lose belly fat and to tend to my gut health and the means were by removing high glycemic foods that were also damaging to the gut, like bread, and eat more whole food.

Here’s how my food changed over the course of last week:

Alternatives for refined grains for me were vegetables, both starchy and non starchy, and whole grains. Yup, days of bagel for breakfast were no longer! Instead I was back to oatmeal, fruit or a veggie omelette. Rather than choosing white bread, pasta, or white rice as a side for lunch and dinner, I went for sweet potatoes, potatoes, plantain, and wild or brown rice. Other times I just opted for extra servings of non-starchy veggies like brussel sprouts, string beans, cabbage, or got a really big salad.

So what next?

Well, after this much needed mini reset, I’ll be going back to my balanced eating as usual before my summer escapades. Although I will be going back to eating bread and white rice, it will be seldom and my focus will continue to be on whole, minimally processed grain options instead. After all, I like being bloat free, and not feeling the pain and discomfort from eating something that I know by body doesn’t agree with. I also like being full of energy, able to think clearly and feeling at my best and I want to keep feeling this way.

Here’s the gist of it all:

I’m not saying removing refined grains for a week is gonna shave 1/2 inch off your waist, and totally obliverate all your digestive problems for good. I mean, each of our bodies are unique and there are many factors at play when we’re talking about weight loss and gut health. In fact, everything from your current gut health, diet, stress levels, and sleep can all have an effect on someone’s results and it’s a matter of identifying and tackling each factor one at time.

BUT, one thing is certain, identifying refined grains in your diet and swapping them for minimally processed or whole grains options, as well as choosing more whole foods in general is one change that will only support your overall health and get you closer to your goals.

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