We are now two weeks into the new year and although some of us are still carrying forward the excitement about New Year’s resolutions from January 1st, many are already falling off the bandwagon. Why is it that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals and resolutions and most give up within the first few weeks? How can you guarantee success for yourself and reach that income goal, save enough money for that long overdue vacation, or reach that goal weight you’ve been striving for? And how can you make sure you are part of the 8% come December 31st? Here are 5 things you can do to make your goals a reality this year.

1. Make a commitment
The first step once you’ve decided on your goal is to commit yourself to their achievement.
Making the decision to change an area that you are unhappy with will spark change but until you commit yourself to its achievement no matter what it will be something that’s “nice to do” versus something that is necessary, making it a casual wish versus a deliberate and necessary aim.

2. Determine your WHY
Once you’ve set your vision for yourself, decided on your goal and committed yourself to it the next step is to connect to your “why”- the reason behind the goal. Why do you want to lose the weight? Is it to feel more confident in your body? Or maybe it’s to reverse an ailment so you can finally be free of pain or comfortable in your body? Why do you want to increase the income in your side business? Is it to have financial peace of mind so you won’t have to worry about bills and debt? Whatever your goal, a strong “why” is what will keep you going and enable you to push through tough times and pull you towards taking action when all parts of your being are fighting against it.

3. Keep your goal in front of you
Once you’ve decided on your goal, made the commitment, and Determined your WHY you want to keep them in front of you as a daily reminder. That could look like anything from writing them on post it notes and putting them where you can see them every day, creating a vision board that you put up in your room, or journaling about them every morning when you get up or every night before you go to bed. Our goals and intentions serve as our guiding mechanism, and the more we keep your goal in our conscious mind, or in our thoughts, the more likely we are to act on them. The key is to consistently remind yourself of what you are working towards, so you can keep taking action and moving towards it.

4. Plan and take consistent action
Ever heard the saying “when you fail to plan you plan to fail”, well there’s some truth to that, and this holds true in all the areas of our life. Although there can be unforeseen obstacles and setbacks, we have total control over the actions we choose to take or not. Taking the time to identify the actionable steps toward achieving your goal and breaking them down into daily actionable tasks, scheduling those tasks and acting on them is the key to realizing your goals. So, plan your days, weeks and months strategically and resolve to take action every day that will move you closer to your goals

5. Practice self-discipline
Simply put self-discipline is doing what you know you need to do whether you feel like it or not, and sometimes that means doing what is hard and necessary versus what is fun and easy. Even when things come up that can throw you off, you can always choose how you will respond and get yourself back on track. Although it can be tough at times, we must hold ourselves accountable to our goal because it is ours and no one else’s so it’s up to us to make it a reality. If you are someone who has a hard time with holding yourself accountable then it might benefit you to get external accountability from someone like a partner, friend, mentor, or a professional. In many instances getting outside help is the missing piece to getting you where you want to be, and you shouldn’t hesitate to get it. Have you been struggling by yourself for some time to lose those extra pounds without success? Maybe doing it with a friend or getting help from a health coach might be that one thing that will get you there.

In short, a goal without a plan is simply a wish. If you want to make this year different and make your goals a reality you must commit yourself to them, determine why they are important to you and remind yourself of that every day. Reiterating your goal to yourself every day, planning your daily actions towards their achievement and training yourself to take consistent action whether you feel like it or not are the things that will make this year extraordinary and give you the bragging rights as you become an eight-percenter.

Good luck and let’s make 2019 the year of success!!


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