Three principles to sky rocket your New Year goals

It’s a New Year and you know what that means. New goals, dreams, wishes and aspirations- or maybe just a reiteration of what you set out to accomplish last year but didn’t. And it’s okay if you’re the latter, I’m there with you.

Now why is that? why is it that some accomplish the things they set out to do while and others fall off New Year’s resolution bandwagon after by week 2? According to positive psychology it boils down to 3 main principles- Ambition, action and attitude. How bad do you want to accomplish that thing? Do you have a plan to accomplish that thing with concrete action steps? and is your attitude equipped to stick with the actions long term? Read on to see how you can use these three principles to skyrocket to your goals this New Year.

1. Ambition: Level up your desire

What do you really want and WHY?   If you really want to realize your goals, you must get emotionally involved because simply setting the goal is not enough.   Why do you want to lose those ten pounds? Is it so you can have more energy or so you don’t fall victim to the family history of heart disease or diabetes?

What would losing the weight FEEL like? Are you feeling fully energized in your body and at peace with food? Able to fit into your favorite clothes and donating your current wardrobe because you can’t fit them anymore? Get super clear on what accomplishing that goal will look and feel like. Then, connect with that feeling as often as possible. Whether through a vision board, journal, or just reflecting on it when you wake up in the morning, find what works and connect with your goal often.

2. Action: Work your game plan

Once you know what you want to accomplish, now it’s time to put together a game plan. With your end goal in mind, you can set milestones to track your progress and work backwards to set monthly, weekly, and daily goals with the actions to back them up.  If your goal is to lose ten pounds in three months, after you’ve gotten clear on your WHY and how achieving that would LOOK and FEEL, you’ll need to figure out the different milestones you’ll want to hit.  At that point you can put together a plan of action and each milestone would be a measure of your progress towards that goal.  

Let’s say your first milestone is to lose two pounds.  Once you’ve done your research and know exactly how much energy you’d need to expand and how you plan to do it, what foods to add-in or minimize, what your portions should be, and so on, you can figure out what you need to do on a weekly and daily basis to hit each milestone and progress towards your final goal.  And then, schedule those tasks and DO THEM.

3. Attitude: Enjoy the process

“Your attitude determines your altitude”

“It’s not the destination it’s the journey.”

I believe both sayings are alluding to the fact that the process is just as important, if not more, than the end result. Why allow yourself to be dissatisfied while you’re striving? – especially when the strive can take time. The thing is, no matter what good you’re trying to do or bring about by striving for this goal, if you’re not enjoying the process, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

When you don’t enjoy the things you’re doing and not finding ways to bring some joy to it, the negative emotions, self-talk, and thought patterns you experience around it can cause stress in the body which can lead to a host of health problems and concerns. If you have a goal of weight loss and more energy but dread the thought of exercising at the gym, try playing your favorite sport or taking a class instead. Finding a way to bring some joy to the less than desirable tasks is the only way to guarantee that you’ll be able to see them through.

Ready to make this your healthiest year yet?!

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