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That was fun, now lets get back on track…

Cocktails, desserts and eating out! There was a lot of that this summer.  Now, that was fun and all but I have to admit…. the sugar, alcohol and food combo has impacted not just my waistline (which to my dismay grew by almost an inch ) but also left me feeling a little sluggish, heavy, and just not quite as great as I’d like.  

Now that fall is upon us and we say a hard goodbye to a really fun and perhaps even epic summer, there is no better time to get back on track with our health goals and undo some of the damage we might have done over the last few months. So, let’s take a second to reflect on our summer choices, be honest with ourselves and say “hey maybe I did get a little carried away the past couple months but it’s Ok” because we are getting back on track!

Here are three things you can do to reset your food habits and get rid of that post summer heaviness as we transition into the fall season. Let’s get back on track with those health goals together.

1. Up your water intake–  When in doubt drink water!  Water has so many benefits for our body and what better way to reset than to make sure we are consuming enough to flush out our system and stay fully hydrated. When we are dehydrated, we can crave sugar and other less than healthy foods which can lead to poor food choices.  Drinking enough water and staying hydrated will help to control those sweet cravings so we’re not reaching for unhealthy snacks that are not supportive of our health goals. Aim to drink around 2 liters a day, so about 8-10 cups.

A great idea is to carry a bottle of filtered water with you throughout the day as a reminder to drink more, and whenever you feel like grabbing a snack take a drink!  You can take it a step further and add lemon or lime for a gentle detox.

2. Ditch refined sugar- Sugar makes you crave more sugar because it literally highjacks our taste buds and makes us wanting more of it.  Now, I’m sure you already knew this but if we want to “clean up our diet” and reclaim our health goals there’s no way around it- refined sugar’s gotta go! (Well at least we gotta find replacements for it).   We must choose to break the cycle and allow our palettes to adjust so we can enjoy the foods that are good for us and that are not on the sweet side.    

Instead of reaching for cakes, cookies, and ice cream instead choose to eat fruits that are in season, or opt for other equally satisfying sweet treats like date filled with nut butter (my current staple snack and sugar fix), or homemade muffins with no added refined sugar.  Here is a recipe from Food Babe that I love and I’ve made way too many times to count.

3. Get in the kitchen- Now I love a good restaurant meal like anybody, but the downside with restaurant food, whether it’s McDonald or your favorite steak house, is that it can be loaded with pro-inflammatory oils, low quality fats, high amounts of sugar, salt and can have a pretty high caloric load- (no wonder that waistline went up a bit).  A great way to start to start to clean up our diet is to consciously choose whole foods and quality ingredients and the only way to make sure that’s what we’re getting is by taking control of our food and making it ourselves.  

A simple place to start is to choose one meal we find ourselves eating out a lot- whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner and decide to start making that meal at home.  Scheduling and blocking out a day and time out of the week to grocery shop and cook in bulk are great habits to pick up if you are not doing so already.  Not sure what foods to pick up on your store run? Get my Healthy Shopping Guide here.

So, tell me, how are you feeling about your summer?  Did you overindulge or indulged just enough 😉?

Which of these three tips do you think will come easy and which will be a little more challenging for you? Comment below.

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