Feel good, feel empowered, and manage your waistline all at the same time.

I was listening to Tom Bilyeu’s Podcast the other day- Impact Theory. (If you haven’t heard of it seriously go check it out…right after you read this blog of course 🙂 )  This specific episode was titled “The one change that will dramatically Improve your life”.   I mean, if that’s not an alluring title I don’t know what is.

In that episode, he interviewed Health Psychologist Dr. Kelly McGoniga and let me tell you, she dropped some massive knowledge bombs about exercise.  In fact, she went on and highlighted some benefits of strength training in particular that I felt I NEEDED share. 

Yes, strength training builds muscle and can create amazing physical transformations, but what is undervalued and underrated is the biggest benefit of them all- the positive neurological feedback you get from it.

You see, the benefits of strength training extend beyond physical fitness to improving your mental and emotional health. 

When you’re lifting weights or doing some form of resistance training, you’re giving your brain the following messages.

I am strong

I have strength

I move heavy things

I can do hard things

I am resilient

I am powerful

In the podcast, Dr. Kelly says

“So you’re lifting something heavy.  Your brain is going to get feedback from muscle contraction and tensions from tendons on your joints. Your brain does not get that information and think, ‘my bicep is strong’, or ‘my lats are strong’. ‘The brain thinks I am strong’” .

For example, when doing exercise that strengthen and stabilize the core, the muscles of core talk to brain in a way that tends to produce a type of feel good feeling that can calm anxiety.  Your brain reads those signals and goes into an empowering state to mind.

Tell me, how do feel about strength training? Is it part of your current exercise routine? Why or not?  Leave a comment below.

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