1:1 Coaching

Hi there!


I have some questions for you.. are you ready to start feeling your best?  I mean waking up every day feeling fully alive and energized ready to take on the day? 


Are you ready to finally shed those extra pounds? To get rid of that belly pudge and pesky bloating situation that is tugging at your confidence and affecting peace with your body?  What about the constant stomach pains and unbearable PMS, are you ready to kiss them goodbye?


Imagine what life would be like if you felt like your healthiest happiest self, confident, and in control of your body ?  Feels good doesn’t it.  Guess what you CAN get there…and I can help you.



What is health coaching and is it right for me?  


As a health coach I serve as a guide to help you achieve your health goals in a way that is sustainable for you as an individual.  During our work together you will learn to listen to your body and build sustainable healthy habits that become a lifestyle with my support and cheering you on along the way.

My job is not to throw a diet at you that leads to short term results or set overly restrictive eating plans that are short-lived only to bring you back to where you started and leave you disappointed and frustrated.  Instead we work to lay down the right foundation and layer the right habits one at a time to move you towards your transformation so you can start to realize your health goals now instead of letting another year, two, or five go by without experiencing the changes you are craving in your body.

How is health coaching different?  

1:1 Health coaching is an individualized approach to nutrition and wellness: The truth is there is no one diet or lifestyle that works for everyone- after all, each of us is as unique as our finger print so it only makes sense that our dietary needs and preferences would be just as  unique. And let’s face it, the wellness and nutrition world is confusing! Trust me I know firsthand from learning about hundreds of dietary theories (I mean WOW!) and receiving lectures from some of the top experts in health and wellness today teaching countless views.  With the help of a health coach you get only information that is relevant, applicable and best suited for your unique goals and needs. I help you seep through the noise and cut the learning curve saving you time and energy trying to make sense of it all.

It’s not about counting macros and calories or forcing you to adhere to overly restrictive dietary plans and eating foods you don’t enjoy:   The fact is, the calories in vs calories out concept has been proven not to be the whole truth and there are many other factors that affect our weight and impact the way we look and feel.  Discover all the other factors at play and learn to make supportive food and lifestyle choices without feeling restricted or overwhelmed.   Finally learn to enjoy and make peace with your food.

Nutrition coaching and beyond…..

It is a holistic approach: Health coaching goes beyond “dieting”, rather it takes into consideration all the areas of your life.  We focus not only on the food on your plate but also what feeds you off your plate to see how other areas like your stress level, sleep, environment, relationships, physical activity, and sleep could be affecting you and keeping you from feeling your very best.  Together we tend to all the areas of your health and really get in balance so you can experience what it truly means to be feel like your best self.

Your experience with 1-1 coaching:

  • Define your health and wellness goals and create a concrete plan to achieve them with my help and guidance every step of the way
  • Develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits that actually stick for the long term
  • Crave and enjoy healthy foods and start making healthy choices automatically
  • Find peace with food and get rid of feelings of restriction
  • Learn to curb and manage sugar cravings
  • Learn to listen to your body and determine the best foods for your unique constitution
  • Find your motivation and be held accountable until your goals are reached
  • Understand how to create balance and manage stress effectively


The Benefits

  • Release excess weight and learn to manage and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Say goodbye to bloating and stomach pains. 
  • Clear skin problems. 
  • Relieve persistent headaches. 
  • Feel fully alive, vibrant, and experience a newfound joy for life.
  • Feel in control and at peace with your body.
  • Connect with your body and its unique needs.
  • Increase mental clarity. 
  • Improve sleep and mood.

You can get there…

all you need is a little support and accountability



  • Two 50-minute sessions per month for 3, 4, or 6 months where we will discuss your health goals, make recommendations and follow up with those recommendations and adjusting along the way as we see fit. 
  • Unlimited email support between sessions to answer your questions, hold you accountable and monitor your progress.
  • Resource materials and assignments to deepen your understanding of specific health topics that are introduced.
  • Food samples and self-care products so you can experiment and discover new staples you enjoy that are also good for you and your body
  • Pantry makeover so you can identify foods in your home that are getting in the way of your health goals and discover better alternatives
  • Health food store tour to help you get familiar with shopping in a way that supports your health goals while discovering new potential food faves.
  • Sample meal plans to get you started with putting together delicious and good tasting meals that you can replicate at any time. 
  • Complimentary admission to events being hosted 
  • And more…


Are you ready to break bad food habits, drop extra pounds, curb cravings, sleep better and feel your most vibrant? you know you are and you can do it!